Sun Drop Soda, Citrus, Diet 20 Fl Oz

It's a soda. A citrus soda, to be precise. It's a unique lemon, lime, and orange flavor trifecta of surprisingly good citrus beverage that delights and refreshes the taste buds. It's like a giant pipeline of refreshment channeled directly to you, for the sole purpose of quenching your thirst. Experience the next level in thirst quenching refreshment with Diet Sun Drop soda. Sun Drop was first invented in 1928 but was reformulated in 1949 by Charles Lazier with the addition of caffeine. That was a game-changer that transformed the delicious drink into a citrus force of nature that people can’t get enough of. With the same unique mash up of lemon, lime and sweet orange flavors of Sun Drop, Diet Sun Drop delivers a surprisingly bold citrus blast to kick-start your taste buds with only 5 calories per serving. Drop into a bright new world of flavor with Diet Sun Drop soda.